Hi, we are Amber & Noelle and together we created the Hawai'i Birth Collective.

 We are friends, photographers and videographers on the island of Oahu.


Meet Amber + Noelle! Together, we are a team of photographers and videographers who are passionate about documenting birth stories. We also hope that our collective can become a source of inspiration and help for mothers and families. We want to connect local mothers with amazing vendors on the island, on a virtual level. 

We would love to be a part of your birth team, where we’ll be silently cheering you on behind our camera! As a collective, you will meet us both and one of us would be your lead documenter, and the other would be on call 24/7 as a backup to give you full assurance that your precious babies birth will be documented by a trusted professional. 


Amber & Noelle


Hello there! I'm Amber DeCicco of Amber DeCicco Photography. I am an artist at heart, a chef, computer nerd, and am usually smiling. I am also obsessed with ultimate frisbee and board games. We have two super fun and very active dogs, Bruce and Ginger.

I had a very unique childhood. I grew up on a farm-turned-photography studio in Nebraska with amazing a creative parents who taught me the ropes of running a photography business from a young age. As 1 of 7 kids, life was always a circus, and I am thankful to say we all made it out alive, and we still love each other dearly. I received a BFA in Graphic Design degree from Concordia University, but when I met the love of my life in 2013, all bets were off and Brian and I were married in September 2015. He is amazing :). Together, we left the land of corn in 2015 and moved to beautiful Hawai'i—a photographer's dream!


Aloha! I'm Noelle with Sweet Rain Media. I'm a mom, wife, coffee-lover and a good old-fashioned midwestern girl living the dream in Hawaii. 

Since I was a little girl I’ve had this relentless desire to capture life though my lens.  With an inquisitive, restless spirit, I was always exploring the world around me with a camera in hand. As a I began to document my life with photographs and home movies, I quickly realized that what I yearned to capture wasn't so much a still or moving image, but rather a story. The story of my life. And I now absolutely love capturing my clients stories in a photo or film.

I met my (now retired) Navy sailor in Honolulu in 1997 and we have lived on the beautiful island of Oahu for the last 20 years. The islands are my playground and on days off you will find me and the family cruising around to the many beaches and hidden gems on the island

I'm very passionate about music and you will often find me humming, singing and harmonizing. love me some karaoke. I can't live without my morning coffee, my camera gear, apple products, chapstick and ponytail holders.


Why should Your birth be documented?

For the memories and to pass along the story.

Many mothers find that after giving birth, they only have a few concrete memories of the experience. Having their birth story documented allows parents to see and remember all the special moments of their journey. The tenderness of your partner, the intensity in your face, the beauty in the struggle to hold on when everything inside of you wants to give up. And, of course, those first miraculous moments when you finally meet your baby.

Capture the sweet moments of your wee ones birth and the beautiful moments before and after their arrival. Whether its a hospital birth, a home birth, a fresh 48/day after, an adoption homecoming or anything in between, we LOVE documenting birth stories.

How it Works

Birth is complicated, but hiring your birth photographer doesn't have to be!

It's as easy as 1...2...3....

1. Contact us!

Take a look at our packages and get in touch with us to set up a free consultation. 

2. Questionnaire / Consultation

We will send you a questionnaire and set up your free consultation. Let's meet and chat about your family, your birth plan and your baby! It's a very low pressure consultation, more like having coffee with friends, and will be a good chance for you to meet us and make sure we are a good fit to be on your birth team.

We can't wait meet you and answer any questions you may have.  

3. See you on Delivery Day!

After our consultation, if you choose to book with us we'll be in touch with you leading up to your due date, until we get that phone call! At that point your lead photographer will hop in the vehicle and be on the way to capturing your precious babies birth.

Packages and Pricing

Pricing starts at $1,250. Payment plans are available!


Still Have Questions?

Check out our frequently asked questions page—lots of questions answered. F.A.Q.

Ready to take the next step?

Request an in-person consultation today to discuss your hopes and expectations, as well as discuss any questions you may have and to find out if we're a good fit for your family!

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