Awakening the Oahu Birth Community!

Hawaii Birth Collective

All good things take time to grow.

The Hawaii Birth Collective is one year old today! Over the past year, we have has been curating the collective, adding birth workers and organizations to our website and sponsoring events such as the Hawaii Birth Makeke that took place last month in Kapolei. 

Now that we have gone through that first year and all the growing pains that go along with building a community, we are so excited to see what the next few years hold for the collective to continue to help the birth community on Oahu to awaken.

The Hawaii Birth Collective was originally started by Noelle Herring and Amber DeCicco who share a passion for birth and birth photography! They launched the collective in 2017 with Launch Party and Art Exhibit at First Friday in Chinatown, Honolulu. In a few months, Amber will be moving off island and we are so sad to see her go. We want to first and foremost thank her for staring the collective alongside Noelle. She has done a wonderful time serving the birth community on Oahu and she will be missed. Courtney Caranguian from Wearing and Caring will be moving into Amber's place to help Noelle Herring of Sweet Rain Media continue this amazing movement of awakening the birth community on Oahu.

Recently Courtney and Noelle met to collaborating to organize the Hawaii Birth Makeke. The Hawaii Birth Collective was a main sponsor. The event happened on January 27, 2018 at the Kapolei Shopping Center, Ka Makana Ali`i. It was a quaint event that helped some of the birth professionals on Oahu realize that our birth community really needs to grow and strengthen on Oahu. It needs to awaken and to arise!

The Hawaii Birth Collective is ready to grow and serve the birth community on Oahu!

We know there are so many amazing birth workers on Oahu who are dedicated to giving their heart and soul to make sure the ohanas on Oahu flourish. We also realize that there are many ohana on Oahu who need the support to become more familiar with the birth community and know which birth professionals they can turn to.

It is HBC's belief that every birthing person has the best birth possible. It is also our belief that each ohana has the best journey possible in growing together. By helping to grow the birth community and birth professionals we hope that in return it will make all of the ohana on Oahu thrive! If we have healthy ohanas then we have healthy keiki! And since the keiki are the future.....well you get where we are going with this.

Hawaii Birth Collective

So here we are, basically relaunching HBC, ready to add more professionals onto this website so that more ohana can become familiar with the birth community! With adding more birth workers to our resource list we can help route families to our preferred professionals and overall help our birth community on Oahu awaken and arise.

Are you a parent or are about to become one and need support? Reach out to HBC by contacting us today.

Are you a birth worker on Oahu and you're interested in becoming apart of the Hawaii Birth Collective? Great! You can sign up here!