Introducing: Laurie Fernie with One Amazing You

Today we wanted to feature Laurie Fernie from One Amazing You.

Meet Laurie! We met Laurie during the Mama Makeke Natural Parenting event in Haleiwa in 2016 and we just loved learning about what she does and how passionate about it she is. Laurie is a mom, wife and a certified professional coach. She helps woman achieve their goals and create balance in their lives. We love to recommend her to our clients who are going through hard times or significant transitions with their pregnancy and after. Becoming a new mom is an amazing and wonderful journey, but it also brings on new challenges both physically and emotionally. Laurie can come alongside you during this transition to help you stay connected with yourself and empower consistent self care. Read on to learn more about Laurie!

1. Tell us how you started your business and what your motivations were behind it (HOW and WHY and WHEN).


In the fall of 2013 I decided I needed a change in profession. I had spent the previous 12 years in management, HR, and new employee training and I needed to redirect my efforts. I was passionate about working with and developing the skills of people, but I was ready to focus on the needs of the individual instead of the needs of the corporation. I went through a year of training to attain my certification in Life Coaching and in the fall of 2014 One Amazing You was born.  I decided to focus on working with women on the areas of confidence and life balance. We are all unique with different goals, strengths, values, and life circumstances. So, I partner with my clients to look at their unique lives and then create what they need and want in those lives.


2. What is your favorite thing about doing what you do? 


My favorite part about doing my job is the AHA moments! We will look at a particular thought, situation, or struggle in their life from all different directions. Through questions and exploration we uncover layer after layer and then...then light turns on...AHA! A new perspective opens up a whole new world full of solutions where at first they saw problems. It is exciting and empowering for the client and myself.


3. What is one long-term business goal OR life dream that you have?


I am a mom first and foremost, so my business plan is connected to my parenting plan. Right now I work part time with individual clients one-on-one. As my children get older and my schedule continues to open up I will continue to add to my business. I want to begin group coaching and eventually offer retreats near and far! My big picture plan is to shift how women see themselves. Instead of the endless loop of inner critic playing in their minds, I want to foster positive self perception and empower women to love who they are and each other.


4. What inspires you?


Effort inspires me. When I see someone devote time and energy to creating something either emotionally or physically,  my heart sings! To me it is the triumph of the human spirit. It is never the size of the accomplishment, it is the effort put forth that inspires me and encourages me to push forward and keep trying with all that I do.


5. What is the BEST book you've read all year?


There are so many great books out there, but one for this year is The four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. It is a simple straight forward guild to simplifying your thoughts and leading a peaceful life. It was a quick read and an absolutely lovely book!


 6. Who's your biggest mentor and why?


Two big mentors in my life that have brought me to what I do are my mom and my mother-in-law. They are strong women who love their families unconditionally. They have always made me feel loved and accepted and I believe we should all feel that way. We need strong women in our life and we need to be strong women for those growing up behind us. They inspire and motivate me to be that woman!

Get in Touch with Laura

Laura Fernie, CPC
Personal Development Specialist

phone: 808.626.5059



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